Hurricane Harvey Victim: “GOD IS GOOD!!”

HOUSTON, Texas — God was glorified in the midst of this week’s flooding in Houston with two stories coming out of the area showing men and women praising God despite the hardships.

KTRK-TV aired live video coverage of those being rescued in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, which included a man named Jeremiah Richard who transported to safety with his six-year-old son via helicopter.

“We climbed out the window with the sliding doors, and they just strapped us in,” Richard replied. “…We thank God. We thank God.”

When Abrahams inquired if he lost it all, he replied in the affirmative.

“Yeah, this is all we got. We lost the car, all the clothes, school clothes—everything [is] gone,” Richard explained.

“Where do you go now?” Abrahams asked.

“We don’t know,” Richard replied.

“But you’re thankful,” the reporter said.

Richard did not hesitate in his response. “Yeah, we’re thankful. God is good. God is good,” he said, smiling.

According to reports, Richard and his wife also have a 4-year-old son who is deaf. Funds are being raised to help the family at this time.

Meanwhile, at the Lone Star Expo Center in Conroe, 40 miles north of Houston, evacuees listened to Victoria White, an admissions counselor at Sam Houston State University, as she led others in a song of praise. White was serving as a volunteer to help others affected by Hurricane Harvey.

“King Jesus, You’re the name we’re lifting high/Your glory, shaking up the earth and sky/Revival, we wanna see Your Kingdom here,” she belted out as she and a small impromptu gospel choir sang William McDowell’s “Spirit Break Out.”

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