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Greetings! My name is Bruce. Originating from the Adirondack Mountain regions of upstate NY, I now live in northeast Florida. My journey of faith began on a mountain trail to Mt. Marcy a half-century ago when my eyes were opened to “who I was” relative to who God is! Click to read My Testimony.

I am not infallible: While I will never intentionally mislead anyone concerning the Word of God. I urge my readers to PLEASE VERIFY my content with the Word of God. Please use COMMENT section to express your view or opinion of Biblical error. And please feel free to “Ask the Bible Teacher” any questions you might have.

I am sarcastic! I love laughter.  I have always envied people having the ability to make others laugh, and good-natured sarcasm has been my favorite “ice-breaker”.

I am an “older guy”! Normally, in the presence of someone with relatively decent eyesight, I might not need to say this. However, I am of that age now when, more and more often, people with “drivable” eyesight who meet me, lie to me and tell me “WOW! I NEVER would have believed that you are THAT old!”

I am a married guy! This year I celebrated 20 years of marriage to my VERY best friend!

I am a Dad! Four children were born to my first marriage…two boys and two girls. All four children have done well, having served honorable military service to our country. They each are married and raising families.

I am a Grampa! Twelve grandchildren have been born to this family!

I am a writer! No, haven’t written any “Best Sellers”, I am not a “novelist”, or a journalist.

I am simply a man who likes to write BECAUSE I have a mind with a great curiosity about certain things, but a mind that comprehends at the lightning speed of a snail and the memory capacity of the 1980’s version of the first Apple IIE desktop computer! Writing slows the world down to the processing speed of my brain.

I am a “shoemaker”! No, I do not make, sell, or repair shoes.

The term “shoemaker” is American slang that characterize a person able to create or fix something in a very cheap way, using whatever materials are handy….like wire ties and duct tape! Many would say that I am innovative, creative, and inventive. I know a LITTLE BIT about a LOT of things; over the years I have accumulated a host of tools: mechanical, woodworking, carpentry, handyman, etc. I’ll be a good man to have as a neighbor when the world comes to an end! (Except that I will not be here when that happens 1 Thessalonians 4:17). I’ve built my own solar-power system, wind-generation system, I do some gardening, and I maintain a small rabbit farm.

I am a man at peace with my God! Of all the things that characterizes me, THIS says the most about “WHO” I am! Please know that my peace with God has NOTHING whatsoever with anything that I’ve done for God or for anyone else. It has everything to do with what God has done in me and for me.

By most earthly standards, people would say that I’m a “good man”, and that by most earthly standards, assuming there is a God who lives in a place called heaven, people would say that I am a “good-enough” candidate for having a home there when I die.

Now, if I were to BELIEVE what these people might say about me being, according to their earthly standards, a decent enough guy, and BELIEVE what they say that I’ve been “good-enough” to go to heaven…well…what if they’re wrong? What if God’s standard is higher than their standard?

NEWSFLASH! God’s standard IS higher…MUCH higher!! And, friends, I assure you: I am a very, very long way from meeting that standard! It was on that mountain trail to Mt. Marcy in the Adirondack Mountains when it first became VERY apparent that people who believe this way are horribly WRONG!!

God does not “grade” by the “earthly standard”.  God has said: “Cursed is everyone who does not continue in all things which are written in the book of the law, to do them whoever shall keep the whole law, and yet stumble in one point, he is guilty of all all have sinned and fall short… we are all like an unclean..and all our ‘good deeds’ are like filthy rags;” (Galatians 3:10; Deuteronomy 27:26; James 2:10; Romans 3:23; Isaiah 64:6).

Now, does this sound like a God who doesn’t like people very much?

This is not about what God thinks of you! This about YOU (and ME) and how you and me measure up to who God is and how absolutely holy and perfect He is!

If you think anything like I think, you might think God hates people and made Hell for people who break the rules.

  1. God doesn’t hate the world and those of us in it! God loves you and me! So much so that He sent His Son Jesus Christ to do for us that which we ourselves are incapable of doing.
  2. God does not send people to Hell. Rather it is people that practically have to climb over Jesus Christ to walk themselves there! Hell is the inevitable end of the journey of life without God just as starvation is the inevitable end of life refusing to eat.

MORE ABOUT PEACE: As I said, I am at peace with God! But not because of anything I have done, but because of what God has done (Romans 3:23-28). Here’s the truth and the good news:

  • Everyone sins!
  • Everyone falls short of God’s divine and perfect standard.
  • Yet God freely and graciously declares that we who believe Jesus are righteous. He did this through Christ Jesus when He freed us from the penalty for our sins.
  • For God presented Jesus as the sacrifice for sin.
  • So, not because I “measure up” to some “standard”, but because Jesus lived up to God’s PERFECT standard, I am made right with God because I believe that Jesus sacrificed His life and shed his blood, paying the penalty that I owe for failing to live up to the standard.
  • Can I brag, then, that I have done anything to be accepted by God? Absolutely NOT!!
  • My acquittal is not based on my attaining perfection by living the standard! Because I can’t!!
  • My acquittal is based on my faith. I have been made right with God through faith in Jesus Christ and not by obedience to the standard!
  • The good news is that YOU can be made right with God if you would believe the gospel of Jesus.

 I believe the good news of Jesus Christ. This is my peace with God:

I believe the gospel of Jesus Christ, in one God the Father, in Jesus Christ the only Son of God, and in God’s Holy Spirit; and that I have sinned greatly against God; and that God sent His Son to earth to pay the penalty for the sins of all men who would believe God. Thus, I trust Jesus Christ for my salvation and redemption, the very Jesus who was conceived in the virgin Mary and was made man, who was Himself innocent yet crucified as a criminal on my criminal behalf, thus Himself paying the death-penalty for sin that I’d earned. Jesus was then buried dead. On the third day, just as Bible prophesy foretold that He would, He rose from the dead as proof of His Messianic identity, of His divinity, and His authority to forgive sins. After having been seen alive by more than 500 eyewitnesses for 40 days after His crucifixion and death, Jesus then ascended into heaven and is now seated at the right hand of the God. He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead, and His kingdom will have no end. Jesus Christ, is my Savior and is my Lord.

There you go. Now you know pretty much about “Who I Am”! You can click here to read My Testimony.

Blessings to you,


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