Bible Interpretative Views

What is “Covenant Theology“?

What is “New Covenant Theology“?

What is “Dispensation Theology“?

What is “Reformed Theology”?

What is “Calvinism“?

What is “Replacement Theology“?

Each of these are “interpretative views” of the Bible. Among men, one will find zealous disagreement about which is the “correct” interpretation.

My counsel is simple: DO NOT “pick one” of the interpretative “positions” and make it as your “position”. Instead, adopt no position, and then dedicate your life to a humble, prayerful, meditative, obedient, and submissive study of God’s Word allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you in the doing of what the Word teaches you.

That is my humble counsel!

This page is simply provided as a resource of information concerning these interpretive views.

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