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This page of this website is dedicated to topics, news, issues, Biblical references, prophecy, and controversial subjects concerning the relationship between Christianity and America.


  • Check out: America Needs a Josiah Joel Rosenberg writes and teaches, “America needs a Josiah. A President cannot save America from all our troubles, but leadership matters. We need a leader like the one-time King of Judah whom the Bible describes as one of the most humble, strong, wise and impressive leaders of all-time…” 
  • Check out: America Has Decided- 2016 So…now that Donald Trump is America’s choice to be the next President of the United Sates, what is OUR obligation? Whether or not Trump is our personal choice, we who profess to follow Jesus Christ have an obligation concerning the man Donald Trump who allegedly* is our Brother in Christ and is now our President Elect! The fact is, had Hillary Clinton been elected, our obligations would be no different! (Link to Dr. Dobson of Focus on the Family remarks on Trumps Christian faith )
  • Check out: Presidential Election 2016 The 21st century American citizen is squandering, abusing, misusing, and presuming upon the liberties and blessings of God in heaven. And the 21st century CHURCH has been leading the way! We have bank-rolled the blessings of God into our own checking accounts and retirement plans and garages; we have allowed the compromise of the Word of God in our personal lives, in our business lives, in our schools, and in our congregations! We’ve become self-indulgent in the squandering of the tithes of our congregation, over-reaching in the building of our buildings, and presumptuous rather than faithful in our decision. And we, the 21st century church, has by virtue of its loss of saltiness led the way in selecting two reprobates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, from which America will choose its next President.
  • Check out: Supreme Court Snubs God In a June 26, 2015 commentary by Pastor Robert Jeffress concerning the Supreme Court’s ruling that over rules God’s definition of marriage, Pastor Jeffress writes: “Friday’s Supreme Court decision represents a collective shaking of our fists in God’s face saying, ‘We don’t care what You say about life’s most important relationship. We know best.’”
  • Check out: America Snubs God In an article entitled, “Did Democrats really boo God? Not quite. It’s worse than that” by columnist Phil Lawler on September 6, 2012 he writes: This vote didn’t occur in a vacuum. In drafting the original platform, Democratic leaders had removed references to God (and to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel). They didn’t merely forget to mention God; in updating previous party platforms, they made a conscious decision to remove Him. When that decision was brought to the attention of ordinary American voters, outside the orbit of the Democratic Party apparatchiks, it was unpopular. It didn’t play in Peoria. Belatedly, the Democratic leaders realized that they should put God back in the picture. So an amendment to the platform was place on the convention’s agenda….”
  • Check out: The Belshazzar Experience- America Style  Author Jack Kelley believes that certain events in recent American policies towards Israel have produced consequences. Here Jack gives an account of a series historical events in the past 2 decades when the United deviated from policies in support of Israel and the strange “coincidental” occurrences of natural and personal disasters in the US.
  • Check out: 5-19-10_Wolves_in_the_House Is there a wolf at the door of America today? The fear that I have is not for the obvious wolf; and I share with my young friend a great optimism that the wolf who shows up with bared teeth to strike anywhere over our borders most assuredly would be met by a fiercely united America.No, that wolf is not the wolf I fear. The wolf I fear doesn’t look like a wolf. It is the wolf that looks like a sheep that America must fear!
  • Check out: Divided While division can produce great pain and even some degree of destruction, it does not always result in utter ruin…it seems that grace is born in division. Mankind would never have come to experience the fullness of God’s love- the experience of unmerited favor– had it not been for a broken relationship. This is a letter of encouragement written to a pastor suffering the aftermath of a divided congregation.

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