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discipleship-graphicA Discipleship Journal

“As you are going, make disciples among all the Gentiles, baptizing  them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:19-20

What is a “true” Christian? 

“…So it was that for a whole year they assembled with the church and taught a great many people. And the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch.” (Acts 11:26)

A true Christian is one who by grace has been saved through faith, believing and trusting Jesus Christ, and is by the power of God’s Holy Spirit born again.

A true Christian is first a disciple of Jesus who learns to follow and obey Him. Then the obedient disciple of Jesus Christ, as he goes about life in the world, a true Christian becomes a disciple-maker.

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Introduction: Discipleship Training: Introduction The intent of this is Discipleship Journal is NOT to teach someone “what to believe”.  This Discipleship Journal is a ”journey”of discovery and revelation. The true Christian does the work of “digging” in the Word to find the truths of God; the Holy Spirit does the work to illuminate the truths of God.

Chapter 1              Discipleship Chapter 1 BIBLE What is the “Bible” and some things Christians ought to know about it

Chapter 2              Discipleship Chapter 2 GOD Who is God? It doesn’t make any difference whether people come from a sophisticated society or a nation of heathens worshiping in front of a totem pole; a misunderstanding about who God is only leads us to error.

Chapter 3              Discipleship Chapter 3 JESUS Who is Jesus Christ? We often think of Jesus Christ only as He appeared here on earth but Scripture actually records His presence long before His appearance at Bethlehem.

Chapter 4              Discipleship Chapter 4 RESURRECTION Did Jesus Christ REALLY come back to life after His crucifixion? It has been said that belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of God stands or falls with the question of His bodily resurrection.  If you can disprove the resurrection of Jesus Christ and all of Christianity falls, because we base much of our faith in a “living Savior”.

Chapter 5              Discipleship Chapter 5 SALVATION The human condition. Can we be “good enough” to get to heaven?

Chapter 6              Discipleship Chapter 6 CHRIST RETURN He hasn’t come YET! Is He coming at all?? The early Christians believed in Christ’s “at any moment” return and that most likely it would occur during their lifetime.  In that first century, believers went beyond what had been revealed and Paul had to rebuke Christ’s followers for some of their beliefs (2 Thessalonians 2).

Chapter 7              Discipleship Chapter 7 CHURCH What is “church”? The “church” is, for purposes of this study is “people”. Also, the “church” is not just “any” people; the “church” is “certain” people. In the New Testament where the word “church” is used it always refers to people who are surrendered, born-again followers of Jesus Christ.

Chapter 8              Discipleship Chapter 8 HOLY SPIRIT Who is the Holy Spirit? Lack of knowledge or incorrect knowledge ushers in many errors of doctrine concerning the Holy Spirit and his work.  Therefore, a careful study of the Holy Spirit is important to the child of God.

Chapter 9              Discipleship Chapter 9 LORDSHIP Can Jesus be your “Savior” without being your Lord”? Not all people who call Jesus “Savior” subordinate themselves to Him as their “Lord”. The evidence is- especially in the American organization of the church- overwhelming and found among its members in false teaching, lavishness, selfishness, self-indulgence and greed, broken families, and in financial and moral bankruptcy.

Chapter 10            Discipleship Chapter 10 PRE-TRIB The Return of Jesus Christ: a defense of a “Pre-tribulation Rapture” position.

Chapter 11            Discipleship Chapter 11 SATAN Is Satan a real being or just a “force” in opposition of “good”?

Chapter 12             Discipleship Chapter 12 ANGELS Angels are mentioned about 180 times in the O.T. and about 165 times in the N.T.

Chapter 13             Discipleship Chapter 13 PRAYER Talking with God One of the most perplexing problems to earnest Christians is why their prayers seem to remain unanswered…

Chapter 14             Discipleship Chapter 14 CHARACTER The Character of a Christian Many Christians measure the significance of their lives by how much they “do” for the Lord (the quantity of activities).  But this doesn’t give the true picture of Christianity.

ADDENDUMS & CHARTS: The following graphics are provided in order to give some visual sense of the chronology of the Old Testament books, the historical and chronological periods of the Old Testament Prophets:

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