Discipleship Training: Introduction

A Discipleship Journal: INTRODUCTION

What is a Christian? What do Christians believe?

Before calling oneself a Christian one must first know what it means. Many identify themselves by where they live, how they have been raised, what church they attend, and / or what religion they practice as “Christian”. Many organizations, groups, and “churches” consider themselves “Christian”. This journal is a ”journey” and a guide for individuals who have believed Jesus Christ was crucified, buried, and arose from the dead as the evidence that He is God with the authority to forgive one’s sin. It is written for those seeking the true identification with Jesus Christ based upon the facts and understanding of the first Christians.

About 2000 years ago a very small group of individuals took upon themselves the name “Christians”.

But, in those days, to identify oneself as a Christian was to identify oneself as believing a man named Jesus Christ claimed Himself to be equal to God, and the same as God; as believing themselves destined to Hell because of their sins except for the substitutionary death and subsequent resurrection of Jesus; and as believing every word of Jesus Christ and His Disciples as being as if God Himself had spoken them. @000 years ago…and likewise in the 21st century, it is that kind of belief that divided and broke families, and that kind of belief for which the world persecuted, tortured and killed its professors.

Not many who claim the identity with Christ believe His words, teachings, warnings, and promises; not many believe all that He instructed His Disciples to teach all generations until He returns.

What is Discipleship?

peter-crucified2000 years ago the Disciples gave up their lives to spread the gospel of God’s plan for the forgiveness and redemption of humanity for sin, the plan that God had from before the beginning of time. As individuals turned back to God looking to and trusting Jesus Christ the Savior, the Disciples then “discipled” (taught and instructed) new believers in knowing and understanding the fundamental truths that are the foundation of faith and belief. Men and women over the ages have sacrificed and even suffered martyrdom to preserve the truths held by those first followers of Jesus Christ.

This NOT about “what you are supposed to believe”!

This Discipleship Journal is written with the same passion and commitment to guide new believers in their self-study of the fundamentals of true Christian faith.

Many religions teach you “what you are supposed to believe”. This journal is not an effort to tell you what to believe; it is to guide you to the Scriptures that contain the testimonies of Jesus Christ, Himself, as well as the testimonies of the Disciples and of those first believers. The Scripture references are clearly outlined and include questions intended to cause the reader to ask themselves what God is saying to them, and provide the Word of God by which the Holy Spirit gives the answer.


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