Old Testament Survey- a Life Group Study

It is true that 21st century American Christians are, as a rule, very uninformed about the Old Testament, and as a result have perhaps an extremely broad but incredibly shallow – and arguably inaccurate- understanding of much of the New Testament.

Paul Benware, author of a book entitled, “Survey of the Old Testament” gives great emphasis to the weight and importance of understanding the Old Testament in being able to understand the teachings of the New Testament. Benware said this:

A person will never properly understand the New Testament Scriptures if the Old Testament Scriptures remain a mystery to him. Yet for the average Christian the pattern, unity, and progression of the Old Testament remain vague or unknown. Although almost everyone knows about Noah and the ark, Moses and the Red Sea, and numerous other stories found in the books of the Old Testament, the Old Testament itself often seems fragmented and is seen only as a loosely knit group of stories. But to understand God’s ways and His purposes in this age, as well as His plans for the future ages, requires a clear comprehension of the Old Testament…who can really appreciate the apostle Paul’s discussion about Israel in Romans 9–11 if there is no understanding of Genesis 12 and Jeremiah 31? Comprehending the Old Testament is crucial to understanding the New Testament…

 Following are study notes and outlines that have been produced from the preparations for guiding a small group through a survey of the Old Testament.

  • The thread of grace is a blood-stained line that is 6000 years long. At its beginning innocent blood was shed as the universe witnessed Death for the first time in all of eternity. At its end is a King yet to come. All along its 6000 years are found clinging all manner of undeserving scoundrels: criminals, murders, rebels, fornicators, adulterers, idol-worshippers, kidnappers, conspirators, deceivers, tax-cheaters, thugs, and more. Alongside the untold number of scoundrels are found as many victims of scoundrels, all clinging to the same blood-stained thread of grace…read more: Introducing The Thread of Grace
  • The “thread of grace” can be traced from a point beginning at Genesis 3:21 and threads its way through a great “family tree” that is the genealogy of our Lord Jesus Christ. Here is a graphic of that “family tree” showing the complete genealogy of Jesus (as well as many of the enemies of the people of God):  Adam to Jesus- OT Genealogy
  • For many fledgling Bible scholars, the way that the books of our Bibles is organized makes it very challenging to make chronological sense of the Scriptures. It can help if one can get a visual sense of the Bible recognizing that some of the individual book titles were happening or were relevant concurrently with other books. For example, new Bible scholars often do not know that the events in the book of Job are believed to be concurrent with the book of Genesis. Also, it is challenging to identify the prophetic books of the Old Testament with their historically concurrent Old Testament counterpart books. Here are some graphics to help make some of those visual connections: Bible Timelines- Lichtenberger
  • Survey of Genesis: The first book of the Old Testament, Genesis gives the account of the story of creation and the spread of sin, and then tells of the dealings of God with a man named Abraham. Here is a link to an outline-survey of the book of Genesis: Wk 3 Genesis Notes
  • Survey of Exodus: Click Here-
  • Survey of Joshua: Coming next…

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