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There are grave concerns for the direction that the O’bama Whitehouse is leading America relative to the Middle East and Israel and the shift from maintaining a loyalty with its Israeli friends to becoming the sympathizer of the world’s enemies.

What I doubt that the typical American understands at the deepest levels are the consequences of a shift in those loyalties. To comprehend at the deepest levels, one must first consider God, then one must consider whether or not God is faithful to keeping His promises.
“…I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you…” (Genesis 12:3a)
Understanding fully requires a certain belief, a certain faith, and a correct perspective. One must first believe that God exists; one must then have faith that God keeps His promises; and then one must observe the realities from the perspective of the eternal God who is the beginning and the end. I’m afraid that my fellow Americans’ support for the “right” of the existence of an Israeli state is as deep as their understanding of the Biblical history of Israel. Most do not have a clue. If my fear is justified, then the opinion of Americans will be as easily persuaded against Israel as they were persuaded to believe that Barack Obama was the “change” that America needed. I believe that, to a large degree, the shift from a Godly view of our heritage as a nation founded upon Judeo-Christian Biblical values to the secular ungodly view is at the roots the cause of the shift away from loyalty to the people of Israel. The United States of America is, thus, despite its outward appearance of might becoming a talon-less eagle and a lion without claws. This page is dedicated to Israel, the nation that in the opinion of religionists long ago lost sight of the Messianic promises of God, but who God has not forgotten His promises to them..

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