The Thread of Grace

“The Thread of Grace” by Bruce CurtisBeginning in the paradise known as Eden is a red thread stained by the blood of an innocent victim whose righteous covering provided by God replaced the unrighteous coverings of earth’s first sinners. This blood-stained thread of grace has persisted without end for 6000 years, and it connects the believing faith of 21st century believers through the work of Jesus Christ’s suffering, death and resurrection, and all the way back to that fateful day in the Garden of Eden. It was by grace that God reconciled to Himself Adam and Eve, and by that very same grace we have been reconciled.

The Thread of Grace is a compiling of insights, reflections, inspirations, word pictures, and some instruction that came through a 3-year journey through the Book of Genesis.The journey seeking to know the heart of our Lord included notes and a journal from a study of the Book of Genesis that, over 15 years, produced this manuscript called The Thread of Grace.

1 Vapor to Vavoom   Raising the form to His lips He breathed into the nostrils and the lifeless gray sculpture began to transform…He watched as the eyelids opened and blank eyes transformed into deep, liquid, sun-sparkled life. Fingers and toes twitched, then arms and legs began to move…The Lord reached down and the newborn creature took His hand and arose from the ground…

2 Seduction in Eden   Lucifer stood in the front row as the moist clay began to take the shape of Adam. He saw something new in the eyes of the Creator. He saw a new adoration as God breathed His own life into the clay sculpture…Hosts of angels rejoiced with God, sharing in His special love for these two, Adam and Eve. But not all the angels…Lucifer retreated into his own thoughts. He’d always kept his jealousy hidden, but now it began to grow in his chest. “I will rule over this new kingdom. I will become as God.”

3 Naked   To understand what really happened when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, one must look way beyond the lack of clothing. It’s really not about nudity…Adam and Eve had never experienced  guilt, fear, uncertainty, shame, worry…the greatest fear imagined by anyone who has experienced God’s favor is life and eternity apart from the natural covering of God’s love, mercy, and grace…

4 Blame Game   Adam felt a sense compassion and mercy in the Lord’s voice. His first thought was to just come out from hiding and fall into God’s arms and beg His forgiveness. But from the bushes nearby, he thought he heard the hiss of a voice…a spasm of panic shot through the serpent with the realization that, if Adam came forth admitting his transgression, his own coup for the throne of the earth might be thwarted. “Hey, my friend, he hissed. “It’s not your fault! It’s that so-called ‘good companion’ God created for you. She’s the one who got you into this mess.”

5 Expelled   Like thunder reverberating in the valleys of the highest mountains, the words of God rattled the stars: “On your belly you shall go, and you shall eat dust all the days of your life.” With a great thud, the serpent’s body crashed to the ground, his legs vanishing in the blink of an eye. Momentarily blinded by the great cloud of dust that arose from his fall, Satan lay stunned as God the Judge continued the condemnation and sentencing: “I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her Seed; He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heel.”

6 Perfect Offering

7 Bloody Murder

8 Wife for Cain

9 Genealogy Of Grace

10 The Rain Came

11 New Start

12 Vanity

13 Thread of Grace

14 Father of Nations

15 Lot The Separation

15b Lot Lessons in Righteousness

15c Lot Living on A Landfill

16 The Faith of Abraham

17 Ishmael

18 A Son Given to The Lord

19 Isaac The Bridegroom n The Bride

20 Chosen Ones

21 The Potter and the Clay

22 The Real Rachael

23 What’s In a Name

24 Josephs Story

25 Tamar One Fiber in the Thread of Grace

Thread of Grace- The Book 6×9 This is the entire manuscript entitled “The Thread of Grace”


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