Thoughts For Young Men- by J.C. Ryle

J. C. Ryle writes expressing his reasons for writing “Thoughts For Young Men”: 

When the Apostle Paul wrote his Epistle to Titus about his responsibility as a Thoughtsminister, he mentioned young men as a group requiring particular attention. After speaking of older men and older women, and young women, he adds this advice, “Encourage the young men to be self-controlled” (Titus 2:6). I am going to follow the Apostle’s advice. I propose to offer a few words of friendly exhortation to young men. I am growing old myself, but there are few things that I can remember so well as were the days of my youth. I have a most distinct recollection of the joys and the sorrows, the hopes and the fears, the temptations and the difficulties, the mistaken judgments and the misplaced affections, the errors and the aspirations, which surround and accompany a young man’s life. If I can only say something to keep some young man walking in the right way, and preserve him from faults and sins, which may hurt his prospects both for time and eternity, I shall be very thankful.

Thoughts For Young Men is an outstanding resource for fathers and / or mothers for leading sons into a personal encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ in which they will have to decide to believe and follow Christ…or reject Him; and to extol the virtue and benefits of the life of obedience to the gospel of Jesus Christ as opposed to the life of living at enmity with God.

Here you can download the whole booklet for printing; or you can read / download the booklet by chapter.

Thoughts For Young Men (Full Version)

By Chapter

1. Reasons for Exhorting Young Men

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2. Dangers of Young Men
3. General Counsels to Young Men
4. Special Rules for Young Men
5. Conclusion

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